VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER (translated by Uwe Malinowski)

"I got to know Uwe as a trainer and have been impressed by Uwe´s rich experience as a project manager. Even more impressive, how he successfully transformed these experiences in a methodological manner and made them available for my learning success as a participant. Uwe´s modest at the same time determined style and the likeable ablitity to laugh with others and about himself, support his approach. Therefore it has been very natural that this business relationship developed into a friendship. "
Max A., Project Manager

"The management training has helped my development professionally as well as personally.
I address topics in a different way and can structure subjects better. The training was very hands on, lively and never tedious.
My understanding and receiving of the topics are largely dependent on the trainer.
Uwe managed to convey the competence and tips in an interesting manner in his calm and reflected way.

Again, many thanks for the pleasant leadership of the workshops!"
Nicolas R., Project Manager at Siemens

"I had the pleasure to get to know Uwe as a trainer.
The program had a duration of 1 year and Uwe accompanied the participants during this time. His remarkably calm and authoritative appearance made it possible to integrate different characters and tempers into one team.
His fine humor rounded the picture of a trust-worthy and competent dialogue partner and trainer. I am very happy that our paths have crossed. "
Michael F., marketing expert and meditation trainer

"I can recommend the leadership coaching of Uwe Malinowski unconditionally. It is suitable for beginners as well as a refresher. I want to highlight how Uwe addresses the different backgrounds of the various participants and his calm and authoritative appearance. It is possible to learn a lot for the daily work!"
Sebastian P., Personnel development manager