Delegation, shared responsiblity in self-organizing teams and new leadership roles require a different way of leadership.


Your starting position

You want to become more agile, more flexible, more customer-oriented? You are experimenting with agile / lean methods? You have observed that your current leadership approach and methods are not always suitable in the agile environment? You are starting to introduce agile methods and want to have a look at leadership practices at the same time?
You notice or hear about other companies with a different approach to leadership and want to start your journey?
Your employees or team members ask for more cooperation, more delegation and expect to take more responsibility, but you hesitate to give up the control?

How we will work with you

Jointly we will analyze the current status of your organization and determine the direction you want to take.
In a second step we will develop with you and your team which methods and approaches might be the best fit.
In the next phase the changes will be introduced and tested step by step, following the agile principle experiment, inspect and adapt.

What you can expect

By including the team in the experimental approach to change, an understanding of leadership, leadership principles and methods will be introduced and established, which can be accepted by everyone and are the best fit to you and your organization.
At the same time, the experiment, inspect and adapt approach is established as a continuous learning process. This ensures that leadership will continuously adapt and develop in the future