SCRUM, Kanban, Design Thinking, Obeya: Adequate methods have to be chosen, introduced properly, and adapted when required.


Your starting position

You have heard about methods like SCRUM, Design Thinking, or Kanban?
Your team members want to introduce Retrospectives, Daily Standup, or Pair Working?
You want to understand the difference between a Feature List and a Backlog?
You have made attempts to introduce agile methods but do not get the expected benefits?

How we will work with you

Based on a joint analysis for the situation and determining the purpose and target of the changes, we will develop a plan describing, which methods should be introduced and in which sequence and steps. We will train you and your team members / teams on the basics of the methods.
Next, we will accompany the introduction and the first steps.
After making own experiences with the methods, we offer support for the reflection and further improvements.

What you can expect

A set of methods matching the needs of your organization.
Training in applying and introducing the methods.
Support in using the methods.
Reflection and further improvement.
After completing the process you have an implemented set of methods supporting your organization in the best possible way.